XRMS Credits

We can't take all the credit for this...

XRMS includes, and makes extensive use of, John Lim's excellent ADOdb database abstraction library. http://php.weblogs.com/adodb/

XRMS makes extensive use of code from Squirrelmail for the plugin architecture, i18n/translation/localization, and a variety of utility functions. http://www.squirrelmail.org/

The calendar widget is the excellent Dynarch DTML Calendar jscalendar-0.9.6 http://dynarch.com/mishoo/calendar.epl

We also currently use Aditus Consulting's JPGraph classes in some reports. http://www.aditus.nu/jpgraph/index.php

Some pages currently make use of the PEAR HTML_QuickForm classes. These may be downloaded from http://pear.php.net/package/HTML_QuickForm or by simply entering 'pear install HTML_QuickForm' on the command line, if you have PEAR installed. If you don't have PEAR installed, you may have errors on PEAR.php.

XRMS was originally written by Chris Woofter, and is now maintained and extended by a dedicated community of developers and translators from companies around the world:

NameSourceForge IDProject Role
Brian Peterson braverock Project Coordinator
Andrew s-t Developer
Olivier Colonna obac Developer
Miguel Gon?lves mig77 Developer
Justin Cooper daturaarutad Developer
Keith Edmunds   Developer
John Fawcett johnfawcett Developer
Ken Gregoire kennyg1 Documentation
Nic Lowe niclowe Developer
Beth Macknik maulani Developer
Diego Ongaro ongardie Developer
Cal Page cpsource Developer
Glenn Powers gpowers Developer
Neil Roberts neildogg Developer
David Rogers introspectshun Developer
Walter Torres jswalter Developer
David Uhlman d2uhlman Developer
Aaron van Meerten vanmer Developer
Neil Williams metamedia Developer
Greg Winston cyberdancer Developer
Chris Woofter cdwtech Developer - Original Author of XRMS
Brunno Barrera   Translator - Spanish
Alan Baghumian   Translator - Farsi
Sebastian Becker   Translator - German
?gr ?yc   Translator - Turkish
Miguel Gon?lves   Translator - Portuguese
Roberto Durrer   Translator - Brazilian Portuguese
John Fawcett   Translator - Italian
Jean-Noel Hayart   Translator - French
Holger Hahn   Translator - German
Piotr Kabath   Translator - Polish
Iosif Kanakaris   Translator - Greek
Timo Laine   Translator - Finnish
Giacomo Nardone   Translator - Italian
Bert-Jan van Rein   Translator - Dutch
Daniel Rodriguez   Translator - Spanish
Eugene N Shylaev   Translator - Russian
Krist? T?h   Translator - Hungarian
Yi Yang   Translator - Chinese
Jun Bao Wu   Translator - Chinese

XRMS also contains code contributed by many, many users. TheXRMS Development Team is grateful for all of the code, suggestions, bug fixes, and discussion contributed by each of you. If you're not on this list, and think you should be, please let us know.