XRMS Functionality

XRMS puts core CRM functionality at your fingertips:

Customer Management

Contains a very complete set of fields for tracking Companies, their Contacts, and a wide variety of information about them.

Sales Force Automation

Provides extensive support for tracking Opportunities and Leads through the selling cycle.  Allows configurable sales processes and supports different processes depending on the opportunity type.

Customer Support

XRMS uses Cases to track client support issues.  Cases are completely configurable and can be associated with workflows and role assignments.

Campaign Management

Campaigns are marketing-related activities, such as direct mailings or conferences, and are directed towards generating leads. XRMS provides basic campaign management functionality for tracking leads generated through the sales process. This functionality is currently in active development.


Users can send e-mails to company contacts, and may use either standard or custom templates.  Templates can be easily created to contain pre-written text that may be altered prior to being sent.

Customer Interaction and Activity Tracking

Provides tracking for any action taken by users that puts them in touch with a contact in a company (e.g., calls, letters, meetings, and e-mails). Activities are linked to Companies and Contacts and can also be related to Campaigns, Cases and Opportunities. Activities may have multiple Participants from different Companies.

Reporting and Analytics

The browser interface provides flexible displays of data that allows for sorting and grouping of data, reordering or hiding columns, and exporting table data for analysis. Some standard reports are included, but custom reports can also be created.  Reports may also be generated with third party business intelligence tools, such as Crystal Reports.

Document Management

Files and folders may be attached to any entity.  Files may be of any type, and PDFs and MS Office files are fully searchable.